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the peritoneal cavity. He now lay down comfortably, the

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fracture cannot be recognised with certainty. In some

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Dr. Proust suggested after the Congress that a further con-

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its nature ; 6. When should the general treatment of syphilis

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Christian received him at Buckingham Palace. The Lord

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those who seek and who pay for its hospitality. It aims solely

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Vincent, Mr. H. Fowler said : The Commissioners of Sewers of the City

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cost of an appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy

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the Spanish coast, Saxon Staveley Dale, M.B., C.M.(Glasg.). Aged 27.

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he trusted they would see district councils established in the

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of the field of vision had been noticed during menstruation.

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him to Mr. John Furley, 14, Evelvu fiardens, S.W., as the best authority

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