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penetration by the outflowing of synovia. It is generally

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Indians a large tract of land in Southold, L. I. They

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at a physician who denies them many or powerful drugs. It

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the uselessness of intervention. Compression due to

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and we have ourselves seen a few perfectly characteristic cases of arthritis de-

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oldest families in that part of the State, the original ancestor hav-

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York State Medical Society, New York Academy of Medicine, Fellow

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abscesses and concretions in the liver ; hard tumors, like scir-

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A large splinter is never a free splinter^ hut always an adherent

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University School of Medicine fully meets the requirements of

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he became a resident pupil of the Lying-in Asylum, and also attended

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overflowing with professional zeal. In 1795 our hero re-

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from the occurrence of hyperpyrexia, but it is a very rare phenomenon, occur-

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1881) had the satisfaction of possessing the institution's degree of

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be the greatest difficulty in arriving at a diagnosis that has the

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mortality was, under old-school treatment 68 per cent, and under

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homoeopathic section of the Leopoldstadt hospital, 1 92 cases of

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large practice, and having his time well occupied. We have

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cal societies in the County and State where he lives, xait

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that way, seeking some good sample for the use of his friend

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of Victory Infant Home at Lackawanna, New York, and the J. N.

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disease symptoms to such a degree that it is impossible to dis-

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symptoms. One of Dr. Sims's last original achievements

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ence makes against the trustworthiness and practical useful-

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About a year later he was ajipointed Clinical Instructor

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frankly expressed opinion of old-school journals both here and in

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among the most popular of gynecological procedures. This

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fauces, with difficult deglutition ; the redness most marked in

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days, during which the person may appear and act rationally, and

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his degree the college was joined with and made part of the Buffalo





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