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Hydrops of the joint adjoining is a frequent association, due to the

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aniiiiaU not to die until after three or f(Jiir luoiithrt, ov it was

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Kunkler has experimented with Tannigen {The Medical Week, 1894, p. 428,) in treat-

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Finally, amyloid degeneration of the liver, either independently or com-

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elms, and the fine col jnial houses with their extensive

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nurses, and they confirmed her statement, It is difficult at first

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According to Verneuil, however, it sometimes persists so that malaria

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an interval of ten minutes. The result of these trials

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may appear. As a rule, the muscles of the lower limbs do not

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The author's intention, as stated in the preface, was to produce a book

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effect the decay of animal matter has upon the human

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facture of jellies of different kinds. Apple juice used as a substitute

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attempting to run or walk fast, and this difficulty is apparent, also, in speak-

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hospital and the maximum of freedom was allowed the patient from

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immunity from them. On this very important point the conclusions of

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Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, and Dakota provisions for both

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state, we at least know one fact positively, and this fact makes clear

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from the air. In India it lias been known to be 61° below the

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water at one time universally maintained, and deserved.

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ber all wards were greatly overcrowded. Designed for 50 beds, they held 70.

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food stuffs, and as being the staple diet in fevers and intestinal

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its relationship to hereditary weakness and to environment, to

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instances in which animals have been allowed to survive

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ous, with a temperature of 104°. Dr. E. M. Houghton was

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and alkalize the blood and urine. It is a slight diuretic.

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spiration and in the fixity and duration of the lesions. Tlie

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consciences dictated. But the fact could not be repeated

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week, and instead of limiting it to two inches I ap-

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ing obtained from drinking water — or smelling it — on which

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I encountered, especially toward the left and posteriorly, several

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the objectionable effects when given by the stomach are

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costs. Drug and alcohol abuse not only lead to health

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any time the pustules flatten, and the skin becomes pale or livid, the

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complaining of headache. She had been out of doors almost the entire day,

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11 Kussmaul, A., and Maier, R. : Ueber erne bisher mcht

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cazione della cocaina per la cura delle fistole salivari.

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in an isolated and dis»eminated manner on these and on unaf-

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There is one variety much liked at Obbo, but which is deadly

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sion, he produced The Magic Flute, which contains some of

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made in that editorial, it has seemed to me that the

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forming the clivus Blumenbachii, which is cartilaginous

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mainly produced by some influence which resides in the atmos-





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