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proceeded to describe the operation. He passed a bistoury underneath

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cut off from the cerebellum. The axis-cylinder processes of these cells form the cerebellar tract.

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The conditions in which you may find the tissue of the organ after inflam-

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castle an aneurism of the abdominal aorta underwent the process of con-

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The judge refused alimony, and placed the children in the custody of the

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intra-laryngeal growth. 2. That, although the diagnosis of

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three of them, are sometimes combined in one and the same

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treatment on physiological lines, to be more precise in his prognosis than

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mortality is very much lower — seven to ten per cent.

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in the bulb of animals dead of the disease and the certainty that one

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fcrm of spray brought more abundantly to the affected membrane, but

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exudation, and stimulates the kidneys. "When the diuresis

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above described. Patient is left for tlie summer under the supervision of Dr.

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into the hospital. He believes the number of bacilli

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I could distinctly feel the tube on the right side thickened. The

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in three of the patients. 5 However, most patients have not

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Cold bath, case of hyperpyrexia in acute rheumatism successfully

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most desirable instruments and supplies, regardless of

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izing, are presumably already well equipped for ac-

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de cholerine." At Alicante, the disease was introduced by some baggage or

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Preaioente of ©fsirict ^octettes— Utopusiocnts ((G5x=(!l{Krit0).

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avoided, and alcohol given in the form of good whiskey.

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Tlie trocar perforated the large on the left side,

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this must be looked upon as an important one — that its advice is decided

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peritoneum can be lifted from that organ, occurred in

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thod that would enable me to command the stricture, and for

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May lard) at the Centenaiy Celebration Dinner of the Society,

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Case IV.— J. C, aged twenty-one years, gave a six-daj'- history

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vaccinated children 3.93 per cent. The protection by repeated injections

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previously referred to (tanners, shepherds, farrieis, etc.), or to hold

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bility and convulsions, which evidently depended on a capillary apoplexy

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wall and of the linea alba to the margin of the rectus mus-

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of their aggregate sick population of thirty or forty





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