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stance in consequence of its affinity for the watery

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direct contagion is careful to point out that such influ

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part a patch of whitish false membrane covet ing an area

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cavity. The splint being made if anything a trifle longer than

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E itched and less amphoric than that of the surrounding

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ment of. Professor Marey and tho fore we deem it as

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could be distinguished but by repeated daily efforts a certain

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These authors contend that any path of life which diverges

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make medicine altogether an institutional afl air and eliminate

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meable soil or immunity may take place if their privies

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lateral portions of the nail are extracted and that the

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avpid those deep inspirations as they are sometimes

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keep the patient covered and perspiring without carry

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years his habits had been very irreg ar and occasionally

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erythema suggesting some specific fever this is believed to be due

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mences to show itself at the very beginning of the fourth month

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the medical public which they were far from possessing

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central lesion such as are variously termed reflex peri

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blood and smears will be available for all physicians at any

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that I might be able to remove the tumor without cut

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The conditions that cause eyestrain are errors of refraction

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operation was a recommendation for an incision into

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atrix soundly healed the fibrous deposit smaller than

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four inches in diameter and beats seventy times per

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where the patient was a primipara aged 19 stout ro

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all persons desiring medicine or surjpcal attention are

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ferable in the interest of the infant to choose a wet nurse in

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The important position of Adrenalin in the materia medica

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gorgement of the neighboring lymphatic glands indo

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pills bad been given then stopped to avoid sickening.

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formance of this part of the practitioner s duties are

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consists if I may use the expression in too great a

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urged bv us upon the professicm in the early part of the

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Dr. Smith next presented a lung taken from a child

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organs continued to increase and he not only had all

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hereafter be made or found for any offence committed

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philis. Theoreticallv he bases his principles upon the

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to the inside strap just above the internal malleolus.

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terior portion of the vessel while the current of blood

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with gpreat benefit to the patient as well as some of opa

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with some and their enthusiasm leads them so far be

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kidney is well described and beautifully illustrated by

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fortable io all respects since the operation with th

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been but recently organized and the College not yet in

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half a century ago by Christopher William Hufeland

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irritation. He has failed to obtain a curative response to vac

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to designate it is effected by passing three of the

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the febrile diseases of that region. Now congestive

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another oxalic acid in lime combination or cystine

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Full time men are indispensable to the best medical teaching.





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