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scalpel a gush of fetid gas was followed by several
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state of congestion aod distension from unnaturally re
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Some ten days after I first proposed the operation I
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of copaiba. His treatment consists in subduing inflam
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and others were of opinion tnat the case was one of
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ceased. There was scarcely any pain during the opera
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sane incurable ana harmless will be allowed to spend
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of that splint. Dr. Sayre has adopted the instrument
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ble. He waited three quarters of an hour and then he
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terminated unfavorably. Seventeen years more of ob
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haying evidently existed in that locality for the long
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treatment of the nervous forms of curable paralysis are
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put in a new light. Are they preventable occurrences due to
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mental characteristics of mild mvxcrdema. The Medical Press.
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able importanoe. He referred to the complexion of the
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however to favor the latter. Even if uterine I con
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plea of a correct diagnosis in every case is in itself evi
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the two opposing walls of the cone together the cer
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then secured again and the mass beyond the ligature
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on the body and the body on it pillows being placed
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destruction of poisons elsewhere in the body. Certain poisons
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contains a living foetus we may hear three distinct
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bution to physiological science but m our reasons for
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taken. Therefore lest some of us should fall into a
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ployed as a means of exercise and finally the method
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for three days prior to itg recovery and whidi is 1
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promptness of chloroform. The statistics above given
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The heart was enlarged and its tissue had undergone
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less popular as an article of diet. Formerly it was
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botulinus. Failure to sterilize may not become apparent for
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failure was inevitable and so expressed myself to the
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medical prevention which is of two kinds delayed or immediate.
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coldness and numbness of the legs with soreness in the
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The testimony of all the experts in this branch is to
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drops four grains of anhydrous chloride of zinc. Henee
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is there any trace of disease in the ovary of the other
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each. The whole area was elevated congested and its
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In the large angle of the lefl eye in the depression
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transplant the flap from the forehead but from a little
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gredients injurious to the health of the mouth or system.
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tion of doctor and is at once looked upon by his asso
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eight to thirty grains of this in pill in twenty four hours
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that he will devote his attention to the investigation of gastro
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were gathered from surgical cases and are of no value
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year fearless indeed is the writer who dares to produce mere
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doctor in writing the prescription his confidence is apt to be
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patient has remained well for a term of years. A search for
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excite an attack of cholera or necessarily insure a fatal
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the lives of some of our ablest men almost useless to the
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organs In endeavoring to separate coils of intestine
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The important point is to administer a further dose
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ansesthesia I Mr. Colton employed it long before it
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ning visit patient has slept some bat still complain
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ton s professional income from private practice his po
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Petersburgh has just pointed out the remarkable fact
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military surroundings the author being stationed at various
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trate of silver and next to that to tannin and is by
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The patient was a seafaring man forty five years of
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The prognosis is always serious as one single attack
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hardened so soon do ineffectual efforts commence the
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the process while the exciting cause was present. From this
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and prepares the field for grafting. Again it may change the
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consider these. First as to the location headache from eye strain
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that as the muscles or tendons give way to the force
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moderate quantity with great relief to ih patient s
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by the presence of tlie fluid brought the arch of the
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over the silk. He was not fully convinced aa to how
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encephalitis and among these were not wanting certain stu
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