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mental method but the field for this was limited. Psy
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the external ring of the li zlit inguinal canal the greater portion of
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subject to genuine morbid processes than others and we
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Some difference of opinion prevails among practitioners in respect
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come and the usual order of business of the association. The paper
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lost several head of cattle before a diagnosis was made. The symp
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amine. Stains must therefore often be selected by trial. Usually
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at present content to announce their findings without
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der graduated to hundredths. The proportion of fat in
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not obvious now how and why the vigorous policy pur
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observation. Beaded hairs Trichorrhexis nodosa fall
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vanic apparatus was applied in this case and continued for weeks
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while many after performing numerous experiments to determine the
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the most careful experimental work on this subject as
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Many of ilic convoluted tubules showed their cells slightly dis
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istic symptoms of anal fissure are pain or irritation of
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selves to the mind of every reader. It furnishes an extraordinary
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to assume the thyroid disease is of microbic origin.
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is also known in the islands of the Caribbean Sea and in
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bacterial absorption by a study of the urine immediately
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of the transport McClellan during the next voyage of
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proofs of an actual and very important change having been effected in their
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over any other as yet invented with the assistance of Mr. Rorer
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other slight return of the disease this spring but which has been
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cent adhesion between the liver and side had occurred immediately
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mand of the Service relieving Assistant Surgeon R. E.
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refuses to believe that all these victims died natural
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