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which is the more pleasant. On the same principle that exercise is
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fever are unfortunately very meager. It appears, however, that a
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child has had two grafts inserted at one sitting, one in the lumbar
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of the ear were presented by Dr. Sexton to the physicians
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For entrance requirements and full information address DR. T. H. FRAZER, Dean, Mobile, Ala.
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man who can interpret it into something that will be of value to the
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disease to other persons. The precautions described under typhoid
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tion of being one of the forty-five members of the International
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England and Ireland. Gerhard delivered his lecture at the
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nil i-ifeition of joints with or without o-teom\ eliti-. The knee-ji>iiil
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The treatment is largely symptomatic. The prognosis is
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there is no optic atrophy. The deep reflexes are abolished, not only the
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cause ; but it should be remembered that carbonic acid itself is a narcotic
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to be confined in Novy's anaerobic plating apparatus into which carbon dioxide
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ward inclination of the anterior surface of the external
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nite form of disease beyond them. We are sure of what it is
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the method described and used by Doctor Rosenberger.
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take such measures as will secure us against an invasion
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Schools of Halifax County since January 1920, and a large per-
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interpretation of the WPS Special Service contract.
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subjects which have passed the age of puberty; for sexual differences in the
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physician, makes some timely suggestions upon this subject. He strongly
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management of the light, and overcoming the irritability of the parts
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beneficiaries of the public treasury. Humanity demands that they
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*he absence of lymph and pus in a certain proportion of cases is attested,
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taining '< invertine," and it is possible that the body dis-
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varied to suit the occasion, only remembering that the
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exactions of his life ; finally he must yield, and becomes a mental and
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Objeot to the Hospital Tax. — There is said to be
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.nstitutions, to supplement his own less fi^^^^^^STsIn that of operative surgery .
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applied in order to soften the tissues on the upper arm.
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dividual patient. In reaching a decision as to the ex-
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sustain them in our youth, become a part of ourselves,





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