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where judging by notices published in medical period

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II. A soU impregnated wit organic matter and permea

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the vessel and was somewhat lar r than a goose egg

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Unfortunately exi crience does not support this hypothesis and

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theory is that all headache is caused by an increase of intra

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slight stiffness of the muscles suddenly vamshed and

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blood will likewise suspend the healthv action of the

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valves were also insufficient Both sides of the heart

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hereditary influence arthritism herpetism syphihs or

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Convulsions came on soon after which were modified

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eral on the following day on the evening of whict it

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intensity as ever at two o clock in the afternoon. The

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condition of the abdominal viscera of a male foetus

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Dr. Eji gt gdon d ivided the stone with care and found

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radium be used for the alleviation of certain symptoms of this

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cuoles between the epithelial cells which lead directly

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overrated the national habit of smoking. The Dutch

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coma. Wharton Jones alludes to this but Graefe does

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enthusiasm. The Chair of the Institutes of Medicine in McGill

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local to a constitutional disease. In the case of puerperal

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Army has been relieved from the Army Medical Board

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quinine would probably have escaped the fever without

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finger readily penetrated it and in pkices the lung was

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