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edition, revised and enlarged. Philadelphia, W. B. Saunders, 925 Walnut St. 180S. Price $1.00.

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charity was a charnel-house, and our banquet, the banquet of


detailed knowledge of certain aspects of medicine possessed by a lay

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and a horse so affected is elegantly said to be "jugged." If the

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syphilitic origin, put him under inunctions and iodide of

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was not great, considering the vascular character of the

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than that between the skin of a limb and the joint structure

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a dozen or more persons, within any five minutes, is not only impolite, but

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louse. 1900, 2. s., xiv, 82-84.— Bern heim (H.) Fi6vre ty-

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Partial peritonitis precedes the perforation of the diaphragm, and partial

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the former affection the patches are covered with thin yellowish scales,

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gland — is not associated with slowing of the pulse.

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the hospital has been visited since its existence, the bill of mortality is larger

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handbooks and atlases before an important operation, to refresh

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The fifth thesis declares that the extreme variation

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is more gradual, and the signs of timior and increased resistance in the ileo-

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patchy in spots, aii*l in not being of ii rusty brown, ;i brown-

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acid and strychnia, with bromide of potassium at night.

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to go deeply into the vitreous humour. If the operator finds,

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solidified blood serum and a sterilized swab with which to spread the

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was impossible to bring the trachea to the skin. The man died

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Lauriston Lane. The house-physician went into the waiting-room

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based, may sink a creature once he has become its slave.

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street he shook hands with me and said : "I have just come from

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fifteen in nmnber, inserted less than a quarter of an inch

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Neumann, Avho, for example, disposes of the treatment of that

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Subscription rates: $15 per year, interns and Residents, $7,50 per year

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bladder after Eztraotion of Stones, with Cases. — This

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routine. As in disease of every kind, treatment must be modified accord-

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impartial views of the important subjrcts on wiiich

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causes of this difference he was at present endeavouring to ascertain. That digi-

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occurs from rupture of a blood vessel; (2) by diapede-

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view of the fact that there is a large number of appli-

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large towns or cities and thickly-populated districts;

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in tension by a light cane fi-ame. Thus the usual fastening

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In places in this mass the nerve-fibers are separated; nearly all are finely granulated. The

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(twenty-eight miles), nor was there any evidence of its

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which I have made, it was found that, with care, the longitudinal

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The Director-General of the Army Medical Department is

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most frequently found where the skin and the mucous membranes

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Eule 14. This Board reserves the privilege of rejecting any applicant, re

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against the apex of the angle formed by the leg and thigh.





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