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head of this bone. The disease was of tubercular origin. The necrosed
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Dr. Wallace K. Oakes, of .\uburn, aged sixty years.
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told to wear a little pouch on his penis. This little
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on more than this single constituent, the best results
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sweating. He had always been healthy, excepting an attack of ague at
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June 28tli, 29th, and 30th, under the presidency of Dr. B.
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discomfort by the presence and pressure exerted by this movable tumor, and
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diplo-bacterium identical with the Kitasato bacillus was found in his
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death ; scarlet fever, 69 cases, 5 deaths ; diphtheria, 70
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Most of the bones were rickety. Union took place in the usual time.
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is the neutral codeine salt of guaiacolsulphonic acid.
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sult from lupus, and in three instances to my knowl-
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being made to pass it beyond the cutof¥ muscle. If
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practice, and legislation upon the subject is unneces-
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bodies with free blood supply, as great as any other
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the first consultation, in the cases reported, varied
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of each 24 grains. For a 10 per cent, plaster no olive oil is required, the
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that removes dissolved matters and bacteria, reducing the number of these
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tion. It is presumed that this fifty-five per cent, of
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third. Such a number of bacteria fiilling on so small a surface in so short a
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that a large percentage of cases of simple goitre at
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fications. The fact remains, however, notwithstanding this statement,
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The Medical Society of the County of Otsego, N. Y.,
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activity, and are, therefore, spoken of as work-hypertrophies. This has
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his profession, he was scarcely ever perplexed by the most difficult case
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per cent, of all labors in hospital practice, and in
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pointment as surgeon emeritus, after a term of service
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ought to forfeit the poetic license. It reminds us,
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operation. Two methods of procedure are open in operating. Preferably
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fragility was secondary to some other disease. Instances of multiple
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sections for cancer, the proportion as fifty-four per
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has lost much flesh and her feet are considerably swollen at night. On
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not over 99.5° or 100° F., and the constitutional
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tho>e due to the pyogenic cocci such as tubercle
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cur. The appendix becoines fixed, constricted, con-
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stract of it, and then showed him the advance copy.
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same toe. The operation performed was the removal of the necrosed por-
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Presence of the LoefHer Bacillus after Bacteriuria in a Child . . . 747





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