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origin, it is just such a book as a lecturer, whose
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taction is just as universally recognized. This law
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cases is joined by the naso-froutal duct, opens into
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United States will not be subjected to guarantine unless
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gut. March 1, sitting up. Discliarged M.arch S, cured.
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years of the Peloponnesian war, so that it is not to
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him to his olTer. Ilt^ asked if a certilied check for
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Hvgiene and Public Health. By Louis Parkes, M.D., D.P.H,
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days when the light at best was a flickering, uneven
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tion in the cystic or common duct. Petit reported '
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produce many of the fruits and vegetables grown in the
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the costal border. The spleen was palpable 2 cm. below
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contamination of the vaccine during the winter of 1901-02
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facts have for some time been steadily forcing them-
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California so many years, have finally taken up this
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to the general contagious disease hospitals at San Lazaro.
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close of his career he occupied an almost unique position
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when the meetings have been held at an University. Editor."]
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In spite of the fact that Manila has a larger popu-
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into his place, " and this correction I really think the
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type which restricts us to tapping the colon, the site
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fibrous and muscular, the latter consisting of both
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S. W. Douglas, pharmacist. Detached from Naval Proving
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followed by similar disturbances in the left leg, with
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inces as hopeless. This inspection is credited with
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Transactions of the Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting of the
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of fatty tissue, the lobules held together by a meshwork
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case of complete obstruction where the physician in





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