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had disappeared, and its place was occupied by a firm, elastic, scirrhous structure of uniform
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about ^ an inch from the point, and make a vertical incision,
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The veldt sore of South Africa, if not the same, is a
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employees — with negative results also. On the 1st October
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others limited the term to an acute infectious disease
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2. The superior .portion of the brain corresponds to the
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During the past year particularly, investigations in
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pendents that are submitted on claim forms of other Blue plans.
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P. S.- — The primipara; who had convulsions were sisters,
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blindness. The ophthalmoscope reveals atrophy of the disc, which in advanced
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nic, of the citrate method of doing blood tranfuslon.
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of the pin is not necessary, for the pin may disappears under this form of extension,
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and, lastl}', at the anterior extremity, within a few lines of the meatus. I have
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lanta, 1884, 301-308. JLZso, Reprint. — Otreniba ( G. )
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been founded west of the Alleghanies. llie need of such
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observer reporting it in Reunion. In 1854 Jamsetjee described lymph
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quarter of an hour, but was able to walk home. She is quite
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disease of the heart. Violent palpitations, produced
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Cause. — Hydrophobia is caused by a specific poison which is
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sternal end from its forward displacement; but if the
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toral and other muscles passing from the shoulders to the parietcs
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subcortical hemorrhage under the motor area to account for his
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uncovered by the left lobe of the liver and colon, and
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9. Bruised leaves of elder, or cabbage, or mallow. — B. Clark.
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Element ""^ *=°"'''^<="o''. o>^ o"eii as a normal
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sea; on September Loth she was suddenly seized with pain to
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or completely to, the fermentative non-gas-producing flora of the
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ulcerations are anywhere to be seen. During the in-
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flow of tears, and intolerance of light prevail; and should now be prescribed
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urgent. Ether was used. A vertical incision was made in the skin, starting
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was also the author of an excellent treatise on surgery, the
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disability. He was, therefore, placed in a carriage and
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tinct in the eyes. Urine scanty, high colored, high specific gravity, and loaded with bilitrj





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