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will diflblve entirely in the ftomach ; and, as was
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and instruments and surgeon's hands should be made as nearly sterile
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The treatment of these cases, I believe, consists of three parts:
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structure and the sum of their atomic weights ; on the other hand, the
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of acute phthisis at the outset may be mistaken for ordinary acute pneu-
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and some other cause of pain and disability must be sought.
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Treatment. — The treatment up to quite recently has been simply that
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(Krehl & Franz), and it is known that in larger doses in animals it
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the too-great heat of the blood, to leflen it's rare-
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the jaw is slight unless vigorous traction is made. The fingers of the
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The upper limit may be indicated by a line which crosses at the lower end
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in that country at the present day there are over 100,000 lepers;
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Efq-, F. R. S. very Judicioufly attributes it to the
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patches will be seen where the bone is thin or absent.
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struction is not severe enough to cause vomiting but is sufficient to cause
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