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normal size can only very exceptionally be palpated beneath the rib margin, even
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into view. I was so startled and confused, I didn't
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of urine there was found in the chamber a number of hairs
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1. Aran. Arch. g&n. de mM. tome xxiv. 1850. — 2. Beevor, C. E. Roy. Med.-
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day he rested well, but by evenirg the temperature had
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acute example of what these little delays mean, he would men-
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Mortality in Massachusetts. — Deaths in sixteen Cities for the week ending
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appetites increased, digestive and assimilative powers
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third month to delivery; it is most frequent in the last month, though
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vantage. Injection of a weak solution of iodine into the gland
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atmospheric changes : the joints of the rheumatic are often as certain
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mercury solution ; no infolding of fibrous tissue ; a strong
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Dr Bardie said that he perfectly agreed with Dr Balfour in the
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mattress, and any adjacent hard structure carefully padded ; prominent
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out, shaken down, the arm held, and the temperature was
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sociation is to secure to the profession in New York State
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more protozoal structure have been incriminated, without receiving
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diarrhoea, low forms of pneumonia readily set up by
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body should be gone into, and a skiagram taken. I think radiographs of
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BnoLOGT. — ^Physiology sufficiently explains the causes of most
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they were converted in a solution with a drop of hydro-
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recommended with magnificent and unqualified promises, which so affect
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One of the operations which during the last ten years have
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and dependent children, 20,949 ; juvenile offenders and
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to control tobacco use, each has also graciouly agreed to act as a further resource to our readers.
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distress, I contented myself with ordering a mustard poidtice
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This combination is used in certain cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in
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drug-action, and when a disease is to be treated it regards only
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von Fistula vestibulo-rectalis das Resultat eiues Chaucre-
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a day or two of some degree of feverishness, and pain in the side, the
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solution is undoubted in many cases. Phosphorus has also been recommended,
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An inquiry, now completed, into the symptoms of for-
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"Partners of the Americas" is an organization composed of committees of private
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creasing only from 33 to 25. A great im- '"''"'''■'•
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consisting almost entirely of altered and partially coagulated and concreted blood.
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During the last thirty years many new hospitals have been built, em-
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by the formation of thrombus. In either case the result is ischsemic
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The patient, a man of forty, had been given some five-





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