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a patient may so far recover as to sufi'er but little during the re-

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starvation, exposure, dirt, tuberculosis, rheumatism, malaria, and

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of Feltz and Ritter,* who attributed uraemia to their action. In support of

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to four) are to be selected each day. It is possible in this way to

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ited. We are therefore in the presence of a patient a\ itli contracture

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or can be traced in nearly ever instance to water polluted b}' infec-

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has been deemed necessary to consider or discuss delicate topics,

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preventing unsightly contractions. This delicate operation requires

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for carbohydrates. Observations of this sort may be made in every

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necessary, and this delicate operation can only be performed by a

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in order to use up four kilograms of fat one hundred such baths would

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calculus exists, in others many, and in still others they are so

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"cyanotic induration." Should this state be long continued, a slowly pro-

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^A'hose action is necessary for the carrying out of his intention be-

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Among all infectious diseases two are of special importance from

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against each other. On this account thp change in question has re-

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the disease are similar in every respect to small pox, except that they

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the quantities excreted are in no way comparable with those of tne Bence-

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symptoms of hay fever. In other cases the bronchial mucous mem-

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child, and a very extensive one to raise a group of children. These

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rence and intensity of the melanuria appear to be chiefly determined by

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my observations, is in men 1.057, that of the serum 1.023, haemo-

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case is the same, however. By combining with the gradual method

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acidity, fjoverty in salines, low pigmentation, and high percentage of

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tion are often vague and obscure. It may occur at any age, but is

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* H. A. Christian reviews the recent literature on experimental nephritis in the

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made its appearance he was engaged in some very laborious under-

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subjects w^ould equally suffer, and a smooth, healthy valve would be

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orrhage, excessive emotion, starvation, fear, harrowing sights, blows

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comes looser, do the muscular walls distend — first tlie left heart by

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est benefit, and the entire subject of local treatment may well Ije left

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in association with annual attacks of hydroa cBstivale,

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also paralysis of those parts of the body controlled by that portion of

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Yichy Springs are visited by numerous patients who have postponed

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ciation with granular kidneys. However, in cases of granular kidney in

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clinical; or to convert it into a-crotonic add and to estimate it as such.

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HyperglycEemia and glycosuria can follow only when the fat-forming

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should be placed in a watch-crystal, and be acidulated with five or

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the fears and discover the defects of the children, so as to direct

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fluid having the characteristic appearance of rice water. A similar





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