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left-sided hemiplegia with loss of skin and tendon re-

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strong effort can quiet the muscles, but presently becoming uncon-

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paralysis agitans and tetanus, in both of which affections the condition is

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persistent sneezing, hysteric paroxysms and the phenomena of

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deeper structures,^ rarely the bone, ulcerating, and frequently

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sometimes been slight, but is usually as severe as that arising

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ductus hepaticus or choledochus is compressed bj tumors of the Hver

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chymatous nephritis without trying to tell whether it is acute, subacute,

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so slightly affected and otherwise so well suited to the

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realized by the physician, for its comprehension will save much time in

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solved by Lanz^^ in a case of elephantiasis of five years' duration.

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of the dissection, keeping along close to the rectal wall,

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that the increase of the uric acid in the blood and urine, after the ingestion

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in the Lancet of January 16th last, Dr. W. boring city was bitten by a rabid dog. The

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The left side latterly and posteriorly presented to the eye slight con-

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investigations a carried on at the Mahaica Leper Asylum

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running ,1 more acute course be tested in a similar way.

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bold enough to divide this nerve (which, perhaps, may

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A prize having been offered by the Editor of the American Journal of Oh-

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He asserts that when the fibrin is in great excess, it is less

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nised the disease spread so rapidly that by the year

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on each side of the neck,— not in front of her person. A large table-knife

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which the toxsemia is intense, or the resistance of the indi-

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producing a well-marked attack of yellow fever, attended

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in recent decades; and. further, it supplied between the years lH\)i

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strated that iron preparations given to animals are absorbed from the duodenum

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tions. The power of the medicine given, is neutralized by the disease.

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the care (r) of a monster who keeps a commercial academy,

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selves with all past experience respecting the one, that wo may be the

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and it is probable that in nature avian tuberculosis is generally trans-

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fiir its design and execution."— X,o«</on Lit.

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we come to Eczema — of which multiform disease two

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July IBth. — Has been gradually sinking since last report. Pulse 180, feeble. Still

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chief source of infection is drinking polluted water. A patient may

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This table Is compiled from the alphabetical table af^

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nitely, to him at least, that this disease Is propor-





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