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from fifteen minutes to several hours. As the applica

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is to use a staff terminatmg in a two bladed forceps

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alization necessary there cannot be so much danger in

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to the lower two thirds of the tibia having extended

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The pulse was slow sixty four and regular. The pain

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such manner as to be exceedingly brittle having none

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transfer the zest and animation because it is one of the

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Dental defects 500 000. In some schools 98 per cent of

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a reading room where the journals shall be kept open to

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within the sole fi eely opening the calcaneo cuboid ar

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acute disease developing in an epileptic subject arrests or

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give us a practical article for our columns on a subject

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valves. The aortic valves were insufficient the left

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treatment of patients ader which the meeting adjoame lt L

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individually and collectively in various associations

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ences some exceedingly interesting and it may prove

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ever occur salicylism lias become much less common. You Avill

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numbers to the spacious and well appointed wards. There can

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stomach it may be desirable to evacuate it from fear of

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wards upon this extruded portion of the bladder car

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tion were involved and referred to some observations

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lied to the latter subject was the examination of evidence

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ination had been iostituted. That it could have attained

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committal on the causes of propagation of Cholera in his

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two after the birth of the young gorilla. In the Cau

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except in oblique fractures of the patella bony urfion

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quainted with all its requirements that there were more

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generally the ring has fixed dimensions not subject to much

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Alterations in its shape due to diseasey we find to con

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forks success and is still laboring and it is gratifymg o know

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one of the cortmers at the request of a physician more

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each fellow will see that an invitation is extended.

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The author compares his findings with those of other forms of

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very frequently soaped and washed has a much greater diffi

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before. Soon we shall feel that last regret that we had

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cartilaginous tissue composed of a gristly texture firmer

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acquaintance with professional subjects but a consid

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hospital In 1853 and 1854 there was one nurse in the

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and completely dissipating the remaining swelling ana

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met among those who are exposed to great fatigue and

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but some difficulty was experienced in controlling the

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able it gives the desired result in one treatment its use is

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tal for the sui cal treatment and education whilst under

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the proposed action of the Association is necessary and

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cer Research Fund and at the Cancer Hospital at Fulham.

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ment be said to be curative provided all the necessary

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former size. According to Dr. Winckers observations

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about the hook sacs. The boy had always enjoyed good

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talis iodide of potassium and chloride of sodium. He

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ficial direct or reflex so that when the mouth is well

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presented ia of large size probably admitting the end of

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mch and three quarters in length with holes to corre

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at the opening of the urethra six months later then in

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States we trust that it will be adopted by the Central

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knowledge of the practical wante of sanitary officers

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of the early attacks is not witnessed except in rare

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pain and procure rest and sleep at night animal broths

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tnie of any Or by each and all of these causes com

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city of Paris the following resolutions were unani

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epithelium pus or albumen in cases of renal tumors

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tive knowledge as to what had been the usual practice

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normal. There was intense bronze discoloration over a

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cation approved by any two members of the Canadian Medical Protective Association.

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of the fact but in the unmethodical and unsystematical

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Tenience. When excessive it is almost always accom

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stomach enlargement of the left lobe of the liver dis

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has greatly recovered and is attempting to walk htart

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in this department of therapeutics are attracting some

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It may not be amiss to recall that two years ago provision

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the patient not the slightest improvement was observed.

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severe it v as situated to the right of the umbilicus

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the following as a good working theory. The theory is that the

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results of exposing a malignant tumor to the rays from say

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it is objectionable to many patients and usually causes nausea

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cavity is excavated by ulcerative absorption and the

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Yelpeau was attended most faithfully in his last illness

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ways but by no means tending to disgorge them of un

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weeks after visiting this city it involved the right

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to the Congress they called on the 15th ol August at

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concealed mucous surfaces and therefore it does the

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pulse was feeble and quick there was sinking df the

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qtiali6oations more directly to the notice of his patients.

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by his mother one morning taking him under the arms





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