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wires (2) connecting them by an adjustable hinge joint (3), and of

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of a black pigment, melanin, which may be in solution or in a granu-

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TREATMENT. The symptoms of cancer of the pancreas which es-

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The Tcenia solium lives in the middle of the small intestine, to the wall

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should never live in a room or even in a house which has been inhabited

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pronounced somnolence, which in turn may pass into profound coma.

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lets, which may be everted by pressure upon the cyst. The cysticercus

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SYMPTOMS. Gout is conveniently divided into the articular and

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pulse, or until twenty-five or even thirty ounces have been abstracted.

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to reduce the volume of blood sufficiently by rapid free purgation. The

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the right heart, with consequent distention of the ventricle and mechanical

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twenty in Minnesota, and one hundred in New York. Graham learned

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monary embolism, from oedema of the unaffected lung, from weakened

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the diagnosis must for a time remain uncertain, requiring the practi-

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cough, which is sometimes stridulous, and blood is occasionally mixed

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applied, although the term to be preferred is lyinphoma. The thymus

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may occur between the melancholia and the mania. There are no

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are rather due to the primary affections than to accompanying modifica-

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ing parasites; and 5, white cells, both mononuclear and polynuclear.

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membranes, and first appearing as an excessive hypersemia, which is

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tines, or in the urine in a lower degree of oxidation than phosphoric acid.

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tracted, 'flattening out the belly ; whilst the lower limbs are immovable

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flesh and strength. Anxiety and wakefulness are frequent. Muscular

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evacuation of the pus. It is stated that one-half of the cases of evacua-

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action upon the kidneys, which is parallel with that of the disease. If

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ever-acting force of the heart and blood which, for the time, makes

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fected is swollen, extremely hypersemic, and somewhat O3dematous. The

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In some cases the application may have a salutary mental effect upon the

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nated and in clusters, but also endothelioid or epithelioid cells from

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gelatinous ; sulphuric acid causes it to become dry and black, and nitric

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Melanuria Alkaptonuria, Brenzkatechinuria, Hydrochinoninia Chyluria,

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stage, when the paralysis has reached its maximum, the prognosis must

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This disease may be with propriety noted in this place because the

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place once only. Twenty^four hours after M. Foucher again injected

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formed within the cells) ; 3, malarial parasites in different phases of the

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lowing parturition or operations upon the pelvic organs, testes, or sper-

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were anven in and pressing upon the dura-mater. With considerable





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