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communication to the Cincinnati Lancet and Observer Dr.
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January 6. I saw her at an early hour and found her
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two districts with a physician and a special poHceman
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rosis develops to which the name Barbed wire disease has
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I 2d. That ligation of the umbilical cord at child birth
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Besides the ligature is the surest safeguard against
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water. In this way the air surrounding the child s body
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nal irritation greatly contributing to the production of
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lymph and these in one portion formed a projection into
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The g eneral results reported are to the effect that
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tinual irrigation of the eye after the operation amp r cat
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It appears by the recent elaborate report of the Bu
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After the patient had taken the risk of the operation
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In this spirit we recognize in all our trials the purify
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as to dilate the urethra or rather to put the mucous
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and claimed his tithes of the choicest and the best. Dr.
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tematic and patient investigations of a number of able
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the first four or five months little difficulty and suffer
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power to act in the normal condition of the body but
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have witnessed the terrible havoc which a night s toss
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be described subsequently are furnished with an egg
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the character of that wonderful woman who changed nursing
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The instruction in the three series of branches is to be
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disease on the first of February 1864. It first com
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counteracts the tendency to vomit which is so annoy
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solemnly and sincerely declare and promise that I will
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tally and more or less ansemic. With the coming of warmer
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thetic is objectioni3t gt le on account of the deleterious
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as the Central Asylum Dr. 0. M Dermont being elected
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The report of the Committee on Mental Hygiene prepared
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more diflficult to disturb but if for any reason his vitality falls
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Mayo has pointed out that in abdominal infection from
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introduced originally to relieve earache a cherry pit
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saw it an injury of the left testicle. The organ enlarged
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Medical Association relating to the resolutions on the
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able to sleep. But a considerable time elapses before
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up to the very brink so to speak of the chasm already
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auricular appendix was suddenly raised and distanced
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satisfactory reasons to support suoh a view still less do
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graduates and the taking of their votes. The L niversity theu
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clear and concise as benefits a laboratory manual.. Altogether
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and to induce a disposition to pass water frequently.
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of the spine was bent forward and the head strongly
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should be instructed in the details of their physiology and
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extremity and one incm and a half round th neck. It
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a very long and patient study of a particular branch in
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the symptoms indicated increasing debility he inserted
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of a little carbolic acid. This is spread upon a piece of
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quinine and strychnine stimulate the appetite. In cases where the disease is
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The description of the foot and heel we will defer until
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things being equal the size of an organ is a measure of
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branch to take the adhesive straps froni the inside of the
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his mission pointed towards original investigations in
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