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infant and will establish a program which is favorable
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YVe have been unable to find a similar case in literature. Inter-
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that men and women become barren by its use." This com-
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monia in infusion of galls. Dr. Ure states that this forms the
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is galactose. This sugar is found in the brain, and its abundant presence
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the methods of procedure formerly in vogue, by the researches
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although he might take any amount of iodide of potassium. The
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Martius, so far as the author knows, was the first to employ auscultation for this
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ment that did not belong wholly to the joint, indicated syphilis rather
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sistible impulse to run or to turn round, hallucinations of sight and of
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rities sent over to England to consult with us as to the best
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the attention of the surgeon in an endeavour to counteract its influence, than
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within the limits of five and ten milliamperes, as nine or eigh-
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The pain 'subsided, the swelling gradually diminished, and at
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one another. But he would involuntarily overcome this blur-
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an abundant effusion had been established, the pointed firing-iron
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cooked and free from fermentation or putrefactive changes.
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(notably in some forms of fits from worms, irritation of external genitals in mas-
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The patient was a boy of 11, who for 18 days presented an anomalous group of
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drug called remeron
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in former times ! On comparing particular difeafes, the number of
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in vour county, call on your neighbor doctors and organize one, or pos-
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to the original uterine process, which is the source of all the mischief.
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bits were fresh from the country, and had been confined
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The second painful affection to be noticed is that seated close to the
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Case 59. — Patient. — D., white woman, aged 21. Obstetrical No. 4155. This
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distress, nausea, vomiting, sometimes diarrhoea, sometimes constipation,





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