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caution required would also of course render the operation a
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Duiiiig school time, one had all, except 2 or 3 per cent, of children who could
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attempts to use artificial heat for drying purposes.
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tinguished, but by a continuous layer of flnely-granular matter
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ing diet, moderate doses of quinine, and the repeated
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The usual dose for an adult is half an ounce or a table-spoonful,
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twenty-seven times, and there has been only one death (from
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restrict the diet materially, it is most important to insist on the ingestion
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6. Nash D. Ethics... and the quest for excellence in the
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Should this not do him any good he will return later
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1882 Smith, E. Noble, 24, Queen Anne Street, \V. Trans. 1.
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"I'l; ,-»i->'., -...J „;,.,„i„.„:;; "'■'""■'"'- I" '
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antimony on the bronchial membrane and parenchyma, and
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comes from the scapula near the glenoid cavity. The second head,
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It is by no means uncommon in the tropics to find ulcers, and
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success, that he is disposed to believe that quinidin is more active than
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many has pointed out among the symptoms indicating insan-
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Having sketched in a bold style the history of the treatment of sy-
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regions of the nuclei of the oculomotorius and abducens nerves. Taking
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freely in and out of the thermostat without any interrup-
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your voice heard— among your colleagues and your repre-
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proboscis and injects it into one of the domestic animals, death
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same as those to which general fatty degeneration is also due.
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paraffin, kept liquid by an encircling hot-water tube, in order to
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physiologists have fully determined the nature of "nerve-force;" the second
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the beginning is usually on top and in front of the head.
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and send to Mr. Kilp, Wisconsin Council on Alcoholism, 119 East Washington Avenue,
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(or rather the bulbar accessory to the vagus — W. W.).
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consequence of the carelessness and neglect of the attendants. : He was sent
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and neutralization of excitors of decomposition, fur-
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niotomy attempted." '■'^Hopeless — woman dying from typhus pellagrica."
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Society, Washington, D. C, October 27-30. This work will before long be recognized
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Bill ro63, entitled "A Bill fob the Further Prevention 01 Cruelty to
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influence of cooking tuberculous meat and milk. Dr.
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feature of such breathlessness is the painful consciousness of the
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nonunion increases when the number of levels involved in the
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3d. The regulation of the bowels, which had been habitually constipated oi^
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phagadasnic syphilitic ulceration twice, of a very extensive and





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