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languages in the institution (University of Virginia),

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ease in cases where highly " potentized " medicines were given, —

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thus disposing of it according to the method adopted in

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Academy of Medicine, New York Medical and Surgical Society, the

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"The "Winter Climate of Malaga," being observations made

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life to the alleviation of sorrow and suffering; a man who

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breweries for the company, and was later employed by

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Hospital and to the New York Eye Infirmary, and also Professor of

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Localized cerebral infection, superficial or deep, like

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ture of the perinseum in the second degree. On introduction of

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viable career. For over a quarter of a century Professor of Orthope-

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with many quaint old works in rare bindings ; his colleo-

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in every house from which line the water consumed had been procured ; and even

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issued a short course of clinical lectures on diphtheria,

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Oiitivc of,OKio, and wm educated in the High Scho<'l "<

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ence upon the development of character. He attended the public

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two years to a new environment, an experience not without its influ-

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each series of experimental tests undertaken by each prover.

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number of instruments which have proved of the greatest

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the male nurse, thinking that there would be greater vitality and vigor imparted to

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layed. Dr. Guernsey died at his home in Philadelphia, June 27, 1885. He was well

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just below the first transverse vaginal fold beneath the pubis,

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should remain fixed in place. Now, what dressings realize

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Neurologist, one of the founders of the New York Neurological

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City, born May 11, 1861, son of James and Catherine (Hope) Aspell,

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Science ; the German Polyklinik of New York City, of which society

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study of which will give him such knowledge from a homoeopathic

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Sterilization of milk and bottle food for infants to the American

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In the light of the growing scientific certainty that disease of all





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