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mode of infection is the same in all no matter where

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tion of the book we are by no means indined to regard

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stone preserving the three sides as neariy as possible

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The specimen is interesting first in regard to the con

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a uniform composition or be made officmal in order to

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we not infrequently find that our patients appear definitely

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Journal for July 1861 in which a diarrhoea which had

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case there was present a congenital phymosis rendered

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Docent der Berliner Universitat Chronic Diseases of the

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only partially successful as far as the administration of medical

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without value more especially as subsequently the sub

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pieces of fat bacon to be sewed to a piece of cloth and

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communication to the MontpeUier MSdicate concerning

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itative and most practical exposition of the subject the authors

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confirmatively with the diagnosis arrived at by externai

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ample notices of them have appeared in various medical

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gone by I can quite understand but that it should be suggested

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from the fourth London edition. Revised and enlarged.

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weather this dej reciated condition becomes accentuated and it

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result in cancer. Such changes are often seen in the ovary

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subject Avhieh were worthy of note. One was that persons with

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from the anus every time the boy has a passage from his

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study firom irregular practitioners and that they will not

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below the left mammary gland and she has another one

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campaign. Was this one of the results of his follow

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evil thus left untouched is very great. There is no more

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to keep up to date the committee is prepared to arrange lec

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have illustrations of the apparatus and descriptions of

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subject might be continued untU I had shown you spe

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ceutical processes. This includes apparatus and utensils

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we get signs at a distance peritonitis and symptoms in the

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shod fashion but too often he is tempted to supply what is

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well written is deeply interesting and shows how m the tace ot

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as lasting as that wdth the old. In view of the importance of

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attack passed off as did all previous ones suddenly. The

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tion cannot be too highly estimated when it is remem

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oodrHver oiL and the child slowly returned to usual

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case very decidedly excluded aneurism. He thought it

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assistant was then summoned but his efforts were alike

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appreciation of the labws of his own country men and

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portion aoove the level of the fluid there is a drum like

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with ulceration beneath the naiL and giving issue to an

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which were soft and redj while a few were white and

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pearance of the heart of the alngator into whose mouth

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hereafter be made or found for any offence committed

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N. Y. Hospital In the fijrst case a man was brought

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that which antagonizes muscular action but never the

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or remarks precedmg. The first respecting the time of

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and retained in shape 1 V means of light cords one end

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and this will keep up the feeling of impending suffoca

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the spray we gave her an ounce of brandy. The anaes

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