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in the same manner as those of any hospital medical school.

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symptoms which accompany it, since these may also be of great importance in

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ship, education, &c. ; but if applicant is not a native of any of

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of the tissues rather than a true inflammation. There is,

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" nervous constitution," which is due to congenital conditions which, of course,

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inkial shock, but are nevertheless temporary, vanishing sooner or later, at the

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Botady, Zoology, and Inorganic Chemistry. Successful candidates^

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could at once utter the correct words plainly if they sang it.

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Autumn, Winter, Spring, M., 7:00-9:00 p.m. .2Mj. Miller.

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tigo. The gait is uncertain and staggering, and, occasionally, entirely impos-

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myeloblasts and other transitional forms ("large mononuclears," etc.), be-

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Pathological Anatomy. — Macroscopical examination of the cord in its fresh

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conditions, copied from an abstract of the mles of the Faculty :

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The STUDY ^IDE ANO MOfO^mm tSW) (Stains both S6 and MB oeteHal

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common and so fatal in its results, is of the greatest importance for the

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to the Primary Professional examination : — (1) Greek — ^Memorabilia of

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normal, and no changes are found in the processes of these cells in the lateral

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Work, Emma Gibson, s, a, w, sp, Monmouth. A.B. (Monmouth C.) '35.

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d. . Equipment, piping, or utensils have been cleaned and

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paraesthesiae, in the affected portions of the skin. The patient has a feeling

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Medical Faculty every year, viz.: Two Houae Stvrgeanciea of tbe

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the individual. After a certain point, any further addition to the amount

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis is therefore difficult. The main points may be

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broken in these fibers, the reflex activity appears increased, the reflex comes

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and collected in the veins; ecchymoses are frequentty found.

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Your next concern is with packing levels. Turn to page 7-17 in your

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have any right to assume the existence of special trophic nerves. The facts of

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nerve, so that in diseases of this region we may expect disturbances of hearing.





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