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to the characteristic symptom-complex of compression of the cauda equina
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Manhattan Dispensary, now the Knickerbocker Hospital. In 1884,
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Balfour H. Van Vleck, S.B., lecturer on biology in Boston
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doctor for his expression. The special affinity of alcohol for
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a rival near by, not to be outdone, stuck up over his door, "Men's and women's con-
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hardly two millimetres broad, on the proximal side of the liga-
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made up so as to give a solution of i in 20, which is not
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Stience Monthly, 1886. " Brain Tumors," li ood" s Refer-
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October i6, 1835, in the city where he at present resides.
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in the country for two and a half years he removed to
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Visiting Obsietticians in the service. Dr. Elliot intrusied
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man of the committee on special schools. Dr. Haupt is a literateur
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In addition to the literary productions mentioned, Dr.
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tumn of 1899 he was appointed assistant surgeon to St. Mary's Free
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of Medicine in the Albany Medical College, and was made Professor
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the urethra neither unusually sensitive, enlarged, nor inflamed.
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Complete Perforations, — The projectile that produces
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from the di^tinguishL-d u^n which it includes, but also
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to the mother : " I am extremely sorry to hear an unfavorable
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the venerable Dr. Rush of Philadelphia, " I have frequently pre-
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during his academic studies thereat gained many honors; he took
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is a member and former vice-president of the American Gynecological
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never recovered the effects, and has been a greater invalid ever
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Surgical and Gynecological Association, and was elected
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there is a source of danger, which, for the most part, is sadly
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ing these attacks, the micturition was frequent, and the pain
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every morbid state of some part of the body — an abscess, a
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ology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, and
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part of the body not involving the blood ; while, for the most
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fuse vaginal discharge, yellowish in color, and bland. This





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