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against morality, except, of course, bigamy, and, for

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and temperate climates. Its prevalence is but little influenced by the

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The Society closes the year with a balance of $222.29, a ^ ew

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of the opposite hemisphere was for the most part atrophied. And cases

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lished a belief that a poison is generated from decomposing

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suddenly supervening upon phthisis, with those of abscess or septic menin-

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Dr. a. Jacoby^ still maintains the position he held over thirty

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Pip peallenbum peaxe hapan pambe peob o)?)>e bpmb

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day, that I conceived it due to myself to assign my reasons

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marks: '^ In the cases where the clinical picture of the disease is in-

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among girls than boys. From the age of 5 to 45 years both

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tercostal, extending from the spine along the line of the ribs to the

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pleasant frame of mind our places can with advantage be filled

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and both parents in the other. In these I traced cases

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Yeruoye.l Protok. Omsk. med., 1866-7, iv, 221-245.

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dominal section." (Stephen .Smith, Operative Surgery )

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A New Preparation of Merciuy.— A new mercurial prepa-

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organism among the close allies of Flexner. Typical

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(T. K.) Euzymes in the treatment of nasal polypi, an-

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has both head and tail. Infection of man then occurs when such

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The light brown variety („Moostorf") absorbs very well (nine times its

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reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a downright fact maybe told in a plain

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which they manifest to the interests of the profession and the promotion 1

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ment, the uterus, tubes, or ovaries. It was then found that it was a

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which, after an excellent short history of the involuntary

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larger focus. It is most frequently situated in the gray matter, in which it

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The Responsibility of the Physician in the Management of

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birth. He must also produce a certificate of moral character up to date, and a

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ceptance of the horn, stated that it was probable— though

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^© first to direct attention to tlie kidneys as the seat of cUsease. In illus-

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the doctor by refusing to advise people who come to you

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(1) Subphrenic abscess, so-called, is usually due to

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desquamation (diagnosed by Professor C. Boeck as dermatitis exfoliativa

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causing it is general or local. The first we can see at a glance,

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Disinfected?"; "How Often and in What Manner Should School

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health simply through their contentment with the goodness of the phys





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