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ment which records the pulse of a patient under the; influ-

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vitality. The growth and functional activity of the

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Anesthesia. Scopolamin-morphin mixture in labor, 180.

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♦Read before the American Urological Association, ia New Orleans,

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six, upon whom the Hartley operation was attempted,

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left nipple showed a scar of 5 cm. in diameter, with a

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pendent Church, intimate darkly that there is some con-

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Mass., -July 21, 1903, for the physical examination of an officer

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miner, with polycythemia, enlargement of the spleen.

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to New Orleans, La., and wire arrival. To proceed to Laredo,

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tinued, and he bad failed steadily in everyway. He pre-

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gical service of the Children's Hospital, 372; report on progress of surgery,

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the European countries contemplate .sending shall also

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tion without infection is reported as fourteen days

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most characteristic alteration indicating all)umin-

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which leads to the formation of spores, which are the

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condition long before she had her dermato-myositis,

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by asphyxia, give artificial respiration, make rhyth-

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cells makes it evident that any suppurative process

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system, and the existence of an impure and insulli-

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(^iieniistry to reveal to us the cause of these and

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proposed to support the government in every way possi-

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Iraost never on the lower levels, but is the common

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erysipelas 6, measles .')3. typhoid fever 53, diarrheal diseases 8"i,

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on ice for a few days, and had no perceptible odor, by

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McConnell, a. p., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave

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«T. Zerner: Ueber die chemischen Bedingungen fiir die Bildung





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