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what is best cannot fail to be ours. Kipling, in his poem, "An

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recovery of the patient was uneventful, and she left the hospital on

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It is a frequent sequel to long-standing and exhausting suppurating

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is of the scirrhous form in most cases, and usually involves the head of

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involuntary muscles and functions, — and the mid-brain, especially the

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somnia, and the like. Indeed, pain and sleeplessness have been the

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The differential points may be summated as follows :

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is persistent, and although in these cases it is rarely severe, the discom-

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sounds. Locally, the use of the ice-bag may prove efficacious and should

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stomach. An important point separating carcinoma above from that

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yield to the pressing finger in consequence of delayed ossification.

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Often the presence of bile is detected before any noticeable coloring

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the patient. I have reported one instance, occurring at the Philadel-

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semi-tympanitic resonance over small areas of collapse.

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