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pioneers in the surgical field of America. With the

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lution of akun. Recent inflammations of the tonsOs

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but finding the tibia softened and not free from disease

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peritonitis myxomatous peritonitis colloid peritonitis and

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acting as solvents of the phosphates and carbonates is

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Tiflit the next day he was found in a state of great

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a patient with a tumor in the duodenum who had undergone

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easy forgetfulness of the man she once called.husband must

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Prof. Griesinger of Berlin recorded one hundred cases

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Abscess of the Liver. When hepatic abscesses exist

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and unknown one but this is somewhat necessary when

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sons. The choice of climate for the residence of tuber

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from whatever cause it depends entirely upon their sit

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months. We cannot see how this can be objected to by

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mended excision in preference to amputation in this

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ings with which his taste for art has adorned the walls

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Other explanations have been suggested. For instance the

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disuThoea. The patient was ordered some tonic treat

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irregular varying from thirty to forty in a minute.

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been neatly fitted up for the purpose and it is said to be

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tion of candies and sweets. This is so well recognized that

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patient recovered perfectly. The stone measured one

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regainmg of tonicity of the muscles and thus hindrance

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lative evidence. But on the other hand experts should

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change for the better in the pulmonary process. This change

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profession of this State to procure such general laws for

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brought under observation and to the larger number of

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current of steam and the gaseous contents of the first

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sixteen years of his life however he kept a Chinese

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urine contained mucus and epithelium but no albumen.

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upon each side. One of the fistules in the left side was

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only three was it marked tres fitide. It would seem

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heart placing ligatures on the cavee was suggested.

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right iliac region. The perineum was also distended

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mortality as high as thirty five per cent. the English reports

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disease. If it might be asserted that in cases of pernicious

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in from twenty four to forty eight hours and in twelve

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throat and cavity of the tympanum you very properly

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well acquainted with the curative power of Nature to

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name of the king has lapsed trom the memory of tradi

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that the Society should have to depend for support on the.e

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escape which it did rather fi eely. All the ligatures

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ideas of diseases. A practising physician who consults

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the bladder was thickened and ulcerated. The kidneys

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experience of a life. With all the stupendous achieve

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justly be sought in the individual or in extraneous

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selected we have to state that the choice of the Association while

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as a guide to those who see comparatively hltle of the

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tween the abscess and colon in both cases. Sometimes

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