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very thick pus in which I found the ligature. The deposit
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suitable advice. The specialist however depends al
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audible to the rest. Fortunately the remaining audi
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Turkish or Russian to the various radiant heat or electrical
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considered oy most writers upon the uses of quinine in
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ounces of serum. There was also considerable effused
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the extremity. The patient in a short time was able to
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two springs and a jam sliding between them keep the
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fractures of the thigh by the stnught portion we con
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whether the exudation will be apt to extend rapidly
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normal state and these vessels under the influence of
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effect of the violent effort to vomit and the collateral
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lowed a farinaceous diet on account of a long standing enteritis.
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offending matter presenting itself in their vicinity and
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SiR In the late edition of Dr. Aitken s Practice of
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sistant to Monsieur Bretonneau surgeon of the hospital
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structure fi equently so small it cannot be perceived by
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prec sely the same procadure cross obliteration of the
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line at this point. Then percuss downwards from the
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of these things. It is bound to have a bad effect on public
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flourish in Salt Lake Citv. But two were living there
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which one cannot without some interest compare with
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stances arrests the progress of pulmonary phthisis and
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ance is reduced and operation is most efficient but operation
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of Dr. Blyth above given. I find it again very neces
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Philologists have at last unlocked for us the sacred
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the patient belonged an incision was made about four
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davicles and even in cardiac region. In the course of
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modem times its progress in Europe and this country
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day 15 grains of the hydrochlorate of ammonia in solu
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tlien has been constantly employed. This is not the dis
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uteri was readily recognized in front of the tumor and
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location of the hip joint I have been in the habit of using
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examination with the speculum a few leeches to the os
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life steadfastness kindliness self sacrifice and service.
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ration of lithotrity. All at once however the patient
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was owing to the division of the cervical fascia and
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The lesson which every practitioner should be willing
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strated its utility in the examinations and treatment of
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The ocular manifestations are most frequently double
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of rest in the paralyzed nerves and musdes viz. gal
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the only characteristic lesion of tuberculosis which
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as the external stimulus is strong they remain awake but
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that there were such deposits as calcareous deposits
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whom he came in contact. The papers he contributed to the
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material change was noticed in either the quantity the
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so loud and d tinct that I used the patient to verify its
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