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Gbievk, R., Esq., to be Assistant-Surgeon 1st Administrative Bat-
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not so with the multitude that only regards the concrete. Glory,
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age, and nativity are roistered they are directed to the
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formulate a satisfactory theory of this singular anomaly.
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been strangled by her husband, I must refer the reader to ' Cormack's Journal '
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circumstantial proofs : as, for example, on the previous state of mind of the
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accepted men was 770.79 for the white, and 766.21 for the colored. White
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and 1896 with 265 recoveries and 136 deaths, a death-rate of
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groundless, of malpractice — besides all this, to many a Profes-
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has came under his observation in public and private practice for many years,
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Council that a report is defective or redundant, it shall
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sionally happens, however, that a patient, who in earlier years has been sub-
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time, or any cban,2;es in the state of the system from any cause. Of
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28, is open only to graduate nurses. Serving on the
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the Buford, has brought yellow fever to this port. It almost
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condition for three days at room-temperature. The results, however, were not
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Wheeler, W. M., surgeon, detached from the Naval Hospital, New-
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illiterate to a degree, but seductive in manner and fluent
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send the woman to a doctor — mark you, 1 say, ovaries,
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Causation and description. — Ringworm depends upon the presence of a
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measured. To be exact, the hour of the day, the nature of
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luitrJ h\ -tr.ippii:,- ii. dimiiii-li tlir w.niiij -iirt.ur, .inJ. -kin u'l .ittiiiu i-
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of hemorrhage, was evidently more healthy than in any other portion.
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chanters. The patient being already under chloroform, the fem-
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blood current. In this way infection may be carried from the tonsil
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{M. rattus), it has played an important part in preventing the spread of plague in Europe
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scopical, chemical, or biological tests. Ordinarily meats from different
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brain exhibits " a delicacy and distinctness of structure " which is
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acids when given by mouth appear in the chyle in the form of fats, and
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and a half, and is increasing rapidly. ^Ir Huraboldt calcu-
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and there was no involvement of other structures. Microscopic examination
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that of Willard of Philadelphia. Some of the conclusions of the
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mon. Delirium is not an infrequent occurrence. The entire body is either





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