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treatment. Tr. Louisiana M. Soc. 1898, N. Orl., 1899, 80-85.

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rectal phase is an equating division which gives rise to two equi-

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Again, examination reveals congestion of the vocal cords, and

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mately ; it undergoes atrophy, obstruction to the portal circulation is

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the explosion of gunpowder may be traced to its causes,

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law stands on this point ; but my impression was, and

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tended this meeting said that they were astonished, pleased and highly-


doses it is diuretic ; in large doses, a hydragogue cathartic,

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the abducens, facial and auditory nerves of the left side.

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digestion and the nervous system ; and, whatever may be the rationale,

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questions. Tongue covered with a white creamy fur, red at the tip. Bowels loose ;

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what diminishes the reflex. In case of cerebral aflTections the reflex is either

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seriously injured in this way by an injudicious use

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with the first hundred cases so treated. In the first year

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rouses into activity a bacillus already existing in the tissues. The first

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We are sure that they have the sympathy of the entire profes-

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(Feb. 11, 1862), stated that this disease had first fallen under his observation

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needs a clear comprehension of the irreconcilable antagonism

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doubted. With many medical schools, striving in every

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aeration of blood. These considerations had led him

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of persistently obstructed labour. The consequences are, the pro-

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ments, which are incessantly developed from the vagus on the lateral columns of the

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cumscribed pneumonitis which is simple, that is, not tuberculous in char-

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expected, since in anthrax and infective endocarditis

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thanking the members for the honor they had conferred upon him

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condition. The thickening of the tibia is especially on its anterior margins.

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While most dwell on the distinction between intermittents and remit-

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Injections. — Fourcroy introduced a practice (which

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characterized by redness of the face, and general symptoms of congestion

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previous number of this Journal, and it is unnecessary to do more than

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It is a matter of great congratulation with its many

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treatment — 33; (4) cases in which permanent benefit (? cures)

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through which, during the cooling of the retort, the air





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