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unperceived. But M. Foisson has greatly enlarged and

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much that was new had to be thought of to meet changing

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in consequence of which it was so reduced in size as

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recurred ftom time to time sometimes allowing but a

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derived from the reports of the late City Inspectors.

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case survive four months after the tubercular condition

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Royal National Orthopiedic Hospitals etc. With illustra

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found in the envelope of primitive fascicules. The in

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work. Then for the staffs of the various clinical departments

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have been found most useful and convenient and the time

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flatness on the right side posteriorly extends higher

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shown us that women in healthy genital life do not have any

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free evacuation but made no impression on the mass.

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centre by what appears to be an organized clot which

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already alluded to. The subdivisions of the umbilical

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first opportunities I had were in the Charity Hospital

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looking for the crisis we discovered in several an extension of

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lesion or intes tinal auto intoxication and the initial pathologi

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resembling fermentation to other bodies. This condi

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to make an opening into the uterus. This was done in

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the part of the patient or his assistant and can therefore

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gether with its clinical history causes and treatment

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McGill University. Montreal Technique of the Transfusion

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appendix. Under the microscope however numerous nests of

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been sick two days. While the patient is moving about

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the facts connected with the existence and progress of

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done a plan for the more thorough instruction of phy

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in the father through early dissipation or bad habits

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where the patient was a primipara aged 19 stout ro

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troubles the indications depend upon the character oi

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In the average case in which the dullness reaches to the

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duty of the practitioner to abstain from action and wait

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awarded to me by the committee representing the in

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which presents no risk as we know it now with the methods

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coagulation even in the interior of the veins. There re

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The wbite count was remarkably reduced in one patient from

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have an opportunity to do so after further observation.

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The objects of the circular which is before us are not

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patient treatment for syphilis in addition free salvarsan

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science should seek to arrest the progress of croup.

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