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cases the process was arrested and the glan- weeks' use of Pepto Mangan. In six cases

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Such an organization is neither visionary or impractica-

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regard to gall stones, which should always be particularly borne,

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made without the knowledge of those who were to be the subjects. If,

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of Italy, situated on the Bay of the same name, and forty miles

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and unyielding tumour just below the joint. The arm was amputated; and a

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penia, agranulocytosis, and aplastic and hemolytic anemia have

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excited by both electrical and mechanical irritation, the

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character is not considered a physician's readiest passport to the con-

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say as well as a member of that circle itself could? I dare not be-

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Principles and Practice of Medicine, by J. Da Costa,M. D.

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studied. In harbors the effects of the tides must be taken into account.

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cause of disease is determined to, and fitted to act specifically, or, at

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3. — See American Medicine, Vol. V, No. 21, p. 822.

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medical attendant, and not foolishly rushed into on the advice of

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more particularly the more heroic methods of operations for artificial

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