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When I first matriculated in this college in October
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as light as is consistent with the strength required
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sity be forced to do he will come to another conclusion
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specimen as an illustration of the effects of intra abdom
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authenticity of his cures. A story is told of a priest
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holding the eustachian catheter in position which may
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happy subject of aversion to such a degree that he may be
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previous to this made up my mind as to the propriety
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where no cases of the epidemic had occurred physicians
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eurism about six inches long. The aorta was then for
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thral instrument whether a sound or a catheter has an
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aneurism. The consultation decided it to be oest to
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it does not fall forward. By observing the rules which
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secondary lesions etc. are almost universally adopted.
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tion by means of the needle or a very delicate knife in
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and contains most recent material in a very concentrated form.
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eyes are prbminent and fixed the nostrils extendea the
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ad reached an inch in diameter pits of porrigo favosa
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immediate effect far different from that experienced in
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REPORT or committee ok dr. finkell s case of n Tti
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say of him He most lives who thinks most feels the noblest
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Similarly the surgeon should never attempt to pull out a
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whkh he thought might be reganled in its application
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fore that time he had no inconvenience ffom the bladder
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cury passes off as a vapor when the coating of gold is
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fant who cannot have the bieast is me part of eceam
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sible. Our dental clinics provide the means and our Oral
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joint but no weight is thrown upon it. The result of
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towards the open door of any particular emunctory it
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tractions of the Tsrious muscles of the thofax and fore
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walls and had a perforation about its centre. Within
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emollient poultices are applied and in all cases the
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prevent the introduction of Cholera from infected com
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less than that over the right nipple. The ribs on the
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accordance with well known geometrical principles. It
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jufce sweat and urine but applies to all other body fluids
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majority of cases by phlegmonous inflammation of the
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asylum life Dr. M. thinks that the superintendents of
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culation in her lower liml has so amp r improved that she
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with the body as a whole. Body cells had not been cultivated
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photograph a perfect miniature picture of the laws reg
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Xow the last problem is that of the incorrigible consumj
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teen per cent. the third year the patients numbered
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respiration. In the other case the patient had a can
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This pain has been worse of late. He has always en
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an acute hydro or V gt pneumothorax under extreme tension
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seminal cells. These fragments of the testis seem scat
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twenty and still others twelve without ever being really
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different by a dozen different authors. At one time it
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it followed by symptoms suggestive of hyperchlorhydria so
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In the emesis he discovered a small quantity of cotton
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occasion to refer to the characters of intra and extra
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phenomena allied to anaphylaxis and that others are caused by





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