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Mead, has been revived, of making a verticle incision through the

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With Additions by Benjamin F. Dawson, M. D., District Physician

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The treatment of irregular and misplaced gout involves indications derived

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to make out the arrangement ; yet in no place, either in the auricle or ventricle,

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become the centre of house epidemics or extended outbreaks. The habil-

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uses sucralfate tablets

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far toward the relief of the patient ; at any rate, suffterers

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back. A certain amount of blood will go down into the

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cian who is willing to work. Good schools, good 100-

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recorded in the literature with a view of establishing the role

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anaesthetic was given and the whole tract of the missile laid open ; the sartorius,

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I have thought it worth while to refer to this case because, while

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milk often suffers, especially in the city ; that most babies like it, and

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favourable to its use. A mixture containing this agent was given

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was applied, and the limbs rubbed vigorously, and five-

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amount of pus and to the severity of the tubular nephritis which

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is an increase of the normal attraction of the tissue for

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1. Von Jaksch test.— The addition of a few drops of dilute

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hot day, particularly if, at the same time, they sweat very little, be-

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" a gratuitous provision for exaggerations and for extraneous jerks

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of the uterus, 80, 89; the pelvic conditions found at a coeliotomy

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Astragalus moUissimus^ from which he prepared a tincture and tested

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are the most common cause, it being rare to find a normal foot.

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ent time in the Department of Pathology. He was ap-

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contains cancer tissue more or less difficult to disclose.

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ed very important aid; and as far as these cases go, seem to esta-

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S/14 Federal Recommendations on Workmen’s Compensation: Medical

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primary infection, which, moreover, may have had but

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Committee on the Revision of the Constitution and By-I^aws.

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still of necessity, in its highest sphere, what in mo-

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optic tract itself. It is frequently stated, however, in cases of cerebral





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