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mands The general practitioner if he desires to be a
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should be so localized and yet dependent upon a gen
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the right side of the face. The neuralgia persisted
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sults in epilepsy. Recent observation by the authors in the
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sented moreover a systolic souffle at e point of the
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The richv st man on Beacon street could have received
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lenticular spots of typhoid fever and patches of erysipe
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threefold w ork on the thyroid gland on rabies and on the
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The village does its own dairying and has a very fine herd
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had a torpor of the bowels having an evacuation once
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the middle third of the tibia 24 inches of the third
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of the Italian Life Assurance Society M. W. Rey has
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general electrization with the faradaic current we have
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to delay treatment. 2. Unless there are definite contra indi
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ence to the patient during their ephemeral existence.
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of longevity than men of mere ordinary abHity. I nave
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We hare doleful accounts of the prevalence of the yel
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tains that since the grand palmar nerve is more deeply
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It is useless to say anything on that head. It has been
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unaocompanied with any allusion to mitigating circum
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