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he described an invention of his own designed to effect
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of the sore. There are other reflections of interest and
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twice in doses of ninety grains and produced at the
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likely to have superficial abscesses as the result of ar
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the same dose of morphia as first given was repeated.
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Xow if we accept this excessive use of the eyes as a necessarv
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And here I must notice one practice which merits no
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needle fastened into it like an awl. curved near the end
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truth and humanity. The feeling is every year growing
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It has been established on observation of the wound
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of quinine hydrochloride daily almost all the soldiers who had
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to mechanical stimuli after the institution of artificial
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well known in the profession and his chief medical adviser.
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Purffing is to be avoided though it is remarkable how
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slight only enough to be serviceable. The result so
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ing from the fact that there is less danger of mis
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sideration of humanity by what rule of boasted hon
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as you move that one observe that the distant windows
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only temporary ceasing when the oflScer is detached
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profession and hinders the accomplishment of anything
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it begins so the septic organisms start to invade the whole ali
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than generally supposed as honestly compiled statistics
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al facts bearing upon the duration of human life. He
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once into a prognosis which is too apt to be unqualifi
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in a communication from the Secretary that our field of use
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organization and work of his department. The Federal Gov
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the walls of the abdomen. M. Mi Hot noiade some ex
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diseases to be greater in the hospital than it will be in
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cases of angina pectoris that the Bordet Wassermann reaction
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a patient with his own urine. At a subsequent session of a
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Physician at the Methodist Episcopal Hospital Phila
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its introduction into the country it is hereby recommended
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M.D. Surgeon to the New York Eye and Bar Infirmary
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some ointment in order to hasten the softening of the
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development of tissues and their constituent cells are bound up
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three important points. 1st Denying the existence of
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only to Dr. Taylor and his immediate coadjutors but
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