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In the child at birth the spinal cord extends as low
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lum is needed to take care of fully. Practically the
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to an abnormal action on the part of the excretory apparatus
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Her menstruation had been irregular the last catamenia
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fection of which six died. In the cases cited by Rodet
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Inspection In the early part of their development an
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seems conclusively to show the error of Liebig s theory
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evidenced by a decrease in the frequency of the pulse
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sion of the globe of the eye incipient resolution of the
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Prussic acid as we have satisfactorily demonstrated
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phosphorus killed this jaw afler exciting inflammation
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may occur because filicic acid being soluble in castor oil is
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a small alligator and afcer wiping off the blood carefully
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and supp lt gt sed it was again dismissed. At my next visit
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twenty four hours. All these cases had been some time
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sewing needUes the points of which for one third theit
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omitted to give them. I will however in this case put
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settled. A failure to distinctly define the manner in
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gensons minds to contrive instruments susceptible ot
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in the leg attended with fever and headache inflamma
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made to bring about the concerted action of the col
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the treatment of female diseases is doing much harm in
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of tuberculosis it is our duty to warn our patients of the
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float as emboli freely in the blood stream unless so
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immune to Havana with the Army of Occupation There he
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inches of the ensiform cartilage so as to enable me to
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OMitre of the flat and connected with four pavilions
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vasation and effusion of blood at base of the brain etc
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tinctly under pressure. This tumor has a semi elastic
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At the iTth Annual Convention of the Graduate Xurses





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