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of the Antitoxin Treatment of Diphtheria." He detailed the

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tric fluids is fatal to the parasite, and that it passes into

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a great deal of physical strength, skill, and endurance,

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the production of the disease, but it is also probable that their direct

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Thompson, Fred, Pine Bluff, Harvard Univ., 1888 1912 1914

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abscess is deeply located so that the purulent collection presses upon

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immediately below the clavicle, but there is nothing abnormal to be detected in the

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in any society. (This was rejected as it would in no way

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Council could have almost unanimously approved of a change

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I sat for awhile frozen with horror ; and then, in the listlessness of despair, I

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countv in what will now be the new Tenth District, and follows the

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be left the detail of finding that place in which he is most com-

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active mind. Yesterday, as I hastily passed along the

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messe's serum the mortality was 4 per cent, these, such as Triferrin, Triferrol, Hydra-

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siderable quantities. With some little difficulty the appendix was found

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found her laboring under some dyspnoea, considerable confu-

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liver. The two most prominent causes of intestinal catarrh are

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After another wait I was called into the office of a

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of the uterus, Pfannkuch says that 100 cc. (3*5 oz.) of urine raise the uterus about

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the inhalation of the fumes of this burning i a p Se .





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